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Make your Ose Offering 

Allow our team of Ifa, Olorisha, Egungun & Egbe Priests to make powerful chants and appeasements to the Orisa on their special day, from your behalf.

IFAGlobal 2023 Ose Calendar

  • Ose Ogun, Obaluaye, & Egun
    Ose Ogun, Obaluaye, & Egun
    Ma. 26 Feb.
    Service done physically on your behalf.
    26 Feb. 2024 00:00 – 23:59
    Service done physically on your behalf.
    Be included! Make your prayers and Donate towards your Ose offering today. Ose Ifa Prayer days are special prayer days for people who need general basic prayers to bring blessings and protection in their life. These prayers are done every 5 days and are observed every week.

Upcoming Ose Ifa Days




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