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IFA Global Online HMHP Inc is extremely grateful for you trusting in our IFA Global Team of Professional Babalawo & Iyanifa Worldwide Healers.  Please lets us know how we are doing. We would appreciate your positive testimonials as our team work very hard to ensure your needs are met to the best of our abilities. Ase, Ase, Ase O.

Iyanifa was not it!!!!


average rating is 1 out of 5

Haven’t gotten a reading from here since my first run in with the iyanifa, she made me feel very uncomfortable. Most of the reading just seemed like she was projecting what was going on in her personal life onto me. I think she was in mid psychosis & was having a psychotic break. I spent good money on a crazy lady. I personally don’t recommend going to this particular iyanifa, I found better & recommend you all do to.


Awesome Divination!


average rating is 5 out of 5

I did not get the name of the person I spoke to but I loved that what I have been thinking about it and doing it was confirmed especially how I want to connect with my ancestors and what I need to do in order to be on the right path on this planet and acquire the success I desire. I am especially keen on finding out more on the ancestors who are more like me in mindset. I loved that it was confirmed that my Ori or higher mind is and has been guiding me to that moment I had the reading and to more things to come in the future. I absolutely look forward to working more with IFA Global so that I can discover my ancestors and be on my right path in life!


Best Ifa team


average rating is 5 out of 5

I would like to thank the team Ifaglobalsite for all their hard work In helping me on my journey. They have saved my life countless times. I’ve successfully gotten through two important legal matters with the help of doing ebos and getting the hand of ifa. My life continues to shift for the better. The team is always responsive and available to assist me with any problems I face. Their guidance and teachings have groomed my character over the years. Consistency is key, having faith and trusting the process is important for positive changes. If I can do then you can do it. I am forever grateful and I can’t imagine my life without the ifa system, especially with trusted priests from Ifaglobalsite.


I dont trust many people


average rating is 5 out of 5

My life has not been the easiest, therefore, I don't trust many people. I have been a part of several religious organizations, searching for truth and clarity about my life. I had many disappointments, but am so glad I continued my search!

I started working with IFA Global less than two months ago. The Iyanifa and the team supported me 100% of the way. From guiding me, line by line through the Divination, to being in regular communication with me during the ebo rituals. Things started clearing up for me immediately. I followed the instructions, took the medicines, and noticed that I felt better, and stronger as the days went by.

So, why did I decide to trust IFA Global? Because they kept referring to my ancestors, which I always intuitively felt had an important impact in my life, somehow. IFA Global is now guiding me toward having a stronger connection with my lineage.

I will continue to work with IFA Global, because, in just a few short weeks, their work and support have restored my strength, clarity and optimism about my life. With this team, you will no longer be alone in your search for direction in your life.

I am deeply grateful to the team of priests, priestesses, doctors and healers at IFA Global. They are the real deal!

- K.P.L., USA


Keep it moving

Sango Dare

average rating is 5 out of 5

I want a good teacher
I want someone who is not going to BS me
most of all I want someone with good character.
This is what I prayed for in front of Baba ESU early one morning.
One even I was on my laptop and noticed a Babalawo and Iyanifa on youtube speaking about IFA and they were here in Atlanta, I left a message and they got back in touch with me. That is about eight years ago and I am still here with them.
I have heard them lecture to high school and college students on Ancestors, Iwa Pele and IFA, but they are especially big on respecting our elders (Iwa-Pele) and ancestors when they are speaking to our young minds.
I have learned so so so much been around them, I’ve learned more about Olodumare, our ancestors, the Orishas, Iwa Pele, Ebo and so much more. One thing I didn’t know before is, this is hard work, up late praying and doing ebos not just for a client but for our communities.
From my years of been around then I can say that both Baba and Iya are passionate about what they do. I have been with them when they go to lecture at the high schools and colleges; they have an amazing knowledge of our culture. Both college and high school students are always been asked to bombard them with question to make us all think
At one of the universities they were visiting, the school gave a tour of their African art pieces; I watched in amazement as Baba and Iya started to explain in detail what that particular piece was used for; I appreciate that they share their knowledge freely and not hold it back.
I enjoy our Egbe, when IFA Global is having an event we all try to pitch-in, I especially enjoy the company of our Egbe members when we go out to feed our communities, that is our chance to create a stronger bond with each other and the community
“The world is a market place, we are all here shopping”, I’ve heard them say in their lectures, as I mention above I have been with them for some time, my shopping for a Babalawo and Iyanifa (great teachers) is over.

Keep doing what you do.

Keep It Moving.



IyaOmisade Olomo Aarinola

average rating is 5 out of 5

Alaafia, aburuaboyeabosise
I praise Ifa, ebo, and the Ifa Priests! For the last several years they have dafa'd and made ebo on the behalf of myself and those closest to me. I should mention that I live in another state and the spiritual processes are accomplished remotely. The Babalawo and Iyanifa and team of Ifa Healers are highly skilled, trustworthy, caring and I always learn a lot from the readings and ebos. A recent example of an effective ebo: someone close to me has been unemployed for ten months. During the week the ebo was being performed this person had two job interviews and then shortly thereafter got two job offers! This is but one example of real-life, measurable positive changes made possible through the mystery of Ifa. I am so very grateful to Ifa and these kind and knowledgeable Ifa Priests and look forward to working with them as I continue on my path of light and destiny! Ase.


way of life

Charlene F

average rating is 5 out of 5

IFA global helped me in many different ways from Egun readings in finding out who my ancestors are helps me understand me and and a lot of many encounters I’ve had in life.

I’ve been following my path in IFA tradition for last two years.

Prior to connecting with IFA global, I’ve prayed and asked to have someone who was spiritual to help me develop my spirituality. IFA has helped me in guiding me to bablawo and IFA priestess whose always there to offer encouragement and guidance.

Apart from learning about my ancestors, their way of life I can connect to IFA and ancestors through divination which allows me to day to day decision making which is now a way of life for me.




average rating is 5 out of 5

Got a reading for my relationship and trust me ladies, if you want to know what you're getting into.. get a reading. It can work but just make sure both of you want to better the relationship and listen to the reading. 1 person putting effort won't end well. I learned too late.




average rating is 5 out of 5

I was introduced to Ifaglobal by a friend and I was skeptical at first but everything turned out to be spot on and I realized a whole lot more about myself. I’ve gotten readings from people before that i’ve seen on instagram and let me tell you, just because they got clout don’t mean they know what they’re doing. I tried a relationship reading through ifaglobal and it almost was unbelievable at the time how on point they were about current things and also the things that ended up happening afterwards. I don’t usually write reviews but I had to come on here and just tell people my experience and i’ll say if you are ready to hear the truth and get more insight and guidance on your purpose definitely get a session. I came into the community very confused on a lot but got great explanations and overall this journey has been going well for me. Ase


real Ifa divination


average rating is 5 out of 5

I wanted a real Ifa divination in order to put my life on the right track. I have advanced my knowledge about Ifa and know more of what to do with my life. I feel more confident at work and relaxed in life. Private issues about low esteem is being solved. And now I feel a connection with the orishas and ancestors like never before. Thank you




average rating is 5 out of 5

I love these guys💖 so kind and great to work with. I’ve had many years with them. great for helping with finances, their medicines are extremely effective would definitely recommend these beautiful people 💖~ifabanke


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